Slow charging your electric car is recommended for its battery health and lifespan. Naturally, people will choose to plug in their cars where they spend the most time.

Charging at home provides the greatest convenience relative to charging at a public station. All you have to is drive home, plug the car in and retire for the day, waking up to a fully charged car in the morning, ready to hit the road.

If you live in a condo or apartment with shared parking, here are some tips on how to get electric vehicle (EV) chargers installed at your residency.

How to get EV charging at a condo

Charging station in a basement

Get your neighbours on board. Afterall, it is the residents that benefit the most from the charging infrastructure. Having an EV charger at your place of residence greatly allays your range anxiety. Survey how many of your neighbours own an EV, or plan to buy one.

This survey will help identify the number of charging stations your facilities need. Because you will need to make a request during the condo AGM, with enough interest, your condo's management will engage an EV charging provider which will then require the the approval of the management council.

With Singapore’s ban on internal combustion engine vehicles by 2030, driving an EV is an eventuality. Thus, apartment-based EV charging will in time meet the needs of all residents with cars.

How much does installing EV chargers cost

The cost involved will be the biggest concern for your management.

  • Who will be paying for the charger hardware and installation
  • Who will be paying for the electricity consumption

There are currently incentives to install chargers for private multi-dwelling residences such as condos and apartments. Approach your management council with the reasons why a charging station is a great idea.

On top of contributing to the clean energy transition, there are financial gains to subsidise the cost of installation and obtain a new revenue stream. Check out this article to find out more about the EV common charger grant and how it can help your condo.

Choosing a charging station ownership and operation model

With different ownership and operation models available in the market, the installation of an EV charging station and its maintenance can be a very simple process.

You might want to check whether the financing model requires you and your neighbours to commit to a long-term contract, and whether the solution the management council has selected allows for scalability for future demand increase.

How to choose an EV Charging Provider

The idea of installing a network of EV chargers might seem like an uphill battle at first. To help, look for a company that provides an end-to-end solution to assist your management council with the installation and management of a smart charging facility. The EV system integrator will be able to advise your condo management on the type of chargers, required power supply, and other technical specifications for the estate's car park.

With EVs set to trigger an overhaul of buildings’ electrical infrastructures, getting an EV charger will soon translate from a luxury to a necessity.

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