Utility-scale Solar

An urban grid

Solar Farms

Over the past decade, the cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays have fallen rapidly. Taking advantage of economies of scale, the cost competitveness for solar farms are increasing, which has been a rise in the number of utility-scale solar projects.
We partner closely with our clients to understand their landscape in respect to sustainability strategy and resources. Through our comprehensive technical strengths, we seek to optimise the value of the asset, and increase the cost benefits and social advantages of operating a solar station. With our inhouse team's experience with projects of different sizes, we offer turnkey services from conception to maintenance.

Benefits of microgrids

Microgrids offer economic value to society in several ways.
First, decentralised power system means a more reliable electricity distribution and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. They avert loss of product and work days during a power outage.
Second, they attract high quality employers to a region.
Third, as local energy plants, they keep jobs within the community.

Project references

Floating PV Test Bed for Public Utilities Board

Press Room

Energy Storage Solution and Demand Response

Creating system flexibility measures, whereby demand is shifted to match electricity supply.

By incorporating fully integrated energy storage solutions into your energy system needs with unique smart technologies and design expertise, we are relentless about creating the most optimal and reliable energy solutions that consistently deliver value of your system.

Comprehensive Renewable Energy Service Suite

Eigen's dedicated team of engineers will help you put together a design optimization plan to drive the transition from centralized to distributed energy networks with our grid services solution

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