Solar PV

Solar energy, the bright alternative

Benefits of having solar PV
for your building

Reduce your power consumption and utility bill by making your roof work for you. Our investment grade systems ensure that you achieve the highest reliability and shortest payback period.

Experience Our Turnkey Solutions

Convert unused roof space into a solar power plant that will pay for itself by cutting down your operating expenses.
A thorough and effective design process ensures that our customized turnkey solution consistently meets and exceeds the target energy yield.

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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

A one-stop destination to your EV infrastructure needs, our services encompasses hardware installation and support to software integration. Expand your EV charging station management with a smart network and control your infrastructure from a dashboard.

Manage your EV Charging Infrastructure On One Platform

Connect and control your charging stations on a platform with our hardware-agnostic charging station management system (CSMS) created for various operating and business needs. Manage revenue, charging connectors, users, and energy output with our software solution.


Connect & Monitor
Billing & Reconciliation
Cloud Services
Manage Users
Set Tariffs
Real-time Information
Schedule Availability
Manage power load

EV stations for
Multi-residential dwellings

Enabling Electric Vehicle Charging in Condominiums and Private Apartments

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EV for car parks

Attract and retain EV drivers, increasing footfall by transforming your location into a destination.

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Car Park

Prepare your facility for the future of electric mobility, ensuring a modular and scalable infrastructure in line with the growing adoption of EVs, and monetise your charging system with a flexible pricing model that best enhances your business.

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Fleet Charging

Future proof your charging infrastructure alongside your vehicles on the road.

From design to deployment, and ongoing management of your charging infrastructure, our team and portfolio of services will help you at every step of the way.

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Energy Storage Solution and Demand Response

Creating system flexibility measures, whereby demand is shifted to match electricity supply.

By incorporating fully integrated energy storage solutions into your energy system needs with unique smart technologies and design expertise, we are relentless about creating the most optimal and reliable energy solutions that consistently deliver value of your system.

Comprehensive Renewable Energy Service Suite

Eigen's dedicated team of engineers will help you put together a design optimization plan to drive the transition from centralized to distributed energy networks with our grid services solution

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